By: Basem Bitar

Most email marketing campaigns never get to the client’s inbox because they are marked as spam messages. Effective email marketing requires that you optimize email content, lists and authenticity to increase the chances of generating subscriber engagement.

There are several ways to maximize inbox % in email marketing;

1.      Improve the content of the email by avoiding use of URLs as texts or shorteners. This is a red flag to spam filters as they assume the sender is hiding something.
2.      Balance images with text – all image emails are considered to display messages that would otherwise get filtered. Using fewer images ensures that messages displayed when images are blocked in the inbox.
3.      Use a valid reply – to email address – the use of an actual mailbox to collect replies is courteous. Some ISPs like Gmail actually look into recipient behavior after an email lands in the inbox. This criterion is used to classify spam mails.
4.      Be consistent with ‘From’ details -While it may seem like a minor detail, using the same ‘From’ name and email address in a campaigns is an notable part of getting campaigns successfully delivered.
5.      Maintain healthy subscriber lists – email bounces as a result of invalid email addresses can be minimized, or avoided altogether by using a clean list. A healthy list ensures that spam complaints are kept to a minimum.
6.      Use confirmed opt-in lists – There’s a lot of value in using a confirmed opt-in list. Not only does it ensure that new subscriber details are valid, but in the process, it’s great for boosting your delivery and engagement rates.