Businessman pointing at On line Marketing word for On line business concept

By: Basem Bitar

Rarely can a company be a sole producer of a product or service. Since time in memorial competition has always been there, meaning that marketing has been around. Marketing requires  research on internal and external environments. You require better stategies to have an advantage in the market and increase your sale. Branding is one sure way of marketing. This is because it sets you apart as it defines who you are and what you want to be. it gives customers confidence because it is a value  of what they will receive. It enables a company  to have a stronger ground in the market.

Traditional methods such as radio, television and print have been overtaken by events. they are very expensive compared to other digital methods. Digital media helps the producer to track success of a product, through reviews and gets to interact with potential customers. Video production is  an example of effective digital media. A video grabs attention  easily and the voices may keep the viewer more engaged. You tube  is a popular video platform.
Online marketing strategies are yielding positive results. Many potential customers are consulting the internet before making their purchase. Search engine marketing and optimization (SEM & SEO) involves use of keywords. A company therefore, has to provide content that is related to the keyword. A good understanding of the commonly used search word is important. Content marketing builds the company’s brand. It involves valuable information which will attract customers.

Blogs are doing a relatively excellent job in content marketing. Social media marketing is an effective strategy as companies can answer questions asked by the potential customers and it is a large platform. A lot of content is shared in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and in messaging apps credible. A company should add credible links and be vibrant.
When people hear of a company they tend to look into their website to get more information. Websites should have high quality information and be mobile and tablet friendly (responsive). It should be relevant and add new content. E-mail  marketing can be very useful as it is widely used. The Pay-per – click marketing can increase the sales as one will tell a friend to tell a friend thus the chain grows bigger. Companies should increase such campaigns for awareness. Affiliate and partnership marketing involves paying commission for product or service sold. Anytime one is motivated, work gets done. Online marketing strategies are cost effctiveand very interactive.
In these changing world,every business person should  have good strategies to have an edge in the respective market.