The significant effect the way information shared on the internet has influenced and affected marketing. The increased demand for unique content rather than embedding advertisements within the content gained popularity and now it is part of the equation leading to success.  The benefits of marketing by publishing original content has expanded online readers and promoted brands following these trends.
Forecasting online marketing developments for 2015

By giving the consumers valid information they can rely and trust, businesses are providing a foundation customers can find value in as a reputable business. The loyalty from the consumers developed from worthwhile content provided via internet marketing. Articles on the website of a company or business, newsletters with original content, videos, and social media linked to the businesses website.

Instead of marketing to the public with advertisements focusing on the general population, the trends prove that individual marketing based on valuable, relevant content unique to each individual is providing more value. Marketing strategies will be focusing on providing relevant, appreciated content this year.

Content that is Compatible with Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are gaining popularity, and content must be accessible to the mobile devices and their users. Creating an alternative mobile friendly website is one option companies are choosing to keep up with internet marketing trends. The businesses are recognizing the importance of providing accessible content to mobile users. If left unchanged, many businesses will lose valuable customers because they did not diversify to keep up with the latest developments.

Keeping it Minimal
One thing people do have in common is their personal preferences towards appreciating the less is more theory in regards to internet marketing. Thinking about the top brands enjoying success, their marketing developed with a simple, clean, fresh theme. In addition, they are extremely hot right now; people are tired of being bombarded with too much ads and information. Not knowing quite where to start, when they finally do stumble upon a website with a minimalist theme, they return repeatedly because it is easier to navigate and they do not feel like they targeted, they feel in control.

Social Media Marketing
The explosion of popularity marketing through platforms used by consumers like Facebook and Twitter has developed into businesses needing to learn how to use more social media platforms like Instagram, Pintrest, and Tumblr. There are helpful articles on the internet to guide companies on which social media websites are beneficial to their brand.