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Cross Media Marketing is a strategy used by marketers to market a business using various types of media. Marketers may use all of media types individually or combine several mediums to create a cohesive marketing campaign. Cross Media Marketing is one often overlooked by marketers, especially internet entrepreneurs, according to web pro news. Keep the target consumer profile in mind when choosing media for a given business to reach maximum profits.
The purpose of cross-media marketing is to reach a larger audience and customer base. If the target customer profile is broad and covers an age range between 18 ad 65, the company may use various types of media to reach all customers. While the elderly may read the newspaper or watch TV to see ads, the younger generation may use websites and apps on smart devices to learn about new products or services.
When people think about media they think about radio, TV and newspaper, however marketers overtime they learned about other types of media to reach a broader audience such as billboards, print ads, video ads, ads on search engines and visual banners.
Best Tools for SEO
GT metrix: This tool is to examine page speed and diagnose opportunities for improvement
SEO Quake Toolbar: It shows data on traffic, links, social shares, on-page keyword optimization and more. The SEO Quake website has lots of helpful tips on what to do with all this data.
Hootsuite: It is one of many platforms for managing social media.
Google Trends: Shows changes in search query volume for specific queries and topics.
Google Keyword Planner: Its known as Adwords Keyword Tool, lets you pull monthly google search query volume estimates for dozens of keywords in seconds.
Google Analytic: Get the data you need to make intelligent marketing and business decisions with Google Analytics